Hello everyone! I’m cleaning up my studio and I found a pack of 20 sheets of 6 x 8.5” handmade Khadi Paper.  I figured I’d use it up by accepting little commissions for $17 each (including shipping!) 

Plants, landscapes, food, and animals only please. 
Message me for details or requests and we’ll work something out 

(Payments will be accepted via PayPal only)

(Source: wethetrees)

lostintheturquoiseforest asked:
you are so lovely my dear!

You are too kind! ❤ 

lotusloves asked:
Lauren dear, I have the same name! Didn't realize you do art! Was too busy looking at your trees!

Hehe Lauren’s of the world unite!

Apparently a lot of people don’t realize I do art, and since it’s what I went to school for, I figured I would share a few links :) 


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